This spectacular show  has been put together by the American Folk Art Museum.

Elizabeth F. Warren was the guest curator for this show.  BRAVA !

The Park Avenue Armory has been turned into an exciting new Arts Center.

Three centuries of Red and White Quilts are on display.

The owner of this magnificent collection is Joanna Semel Rose.  We New Yorkers thank her from  the bottom of our “HEARTS” for sharing her love of quilts with us.

The Wade Thompson Drill Hall is a vast soaring space of 55,000-square-feet.

Turkey red dye was used by the cotton mills because of it’s color fastness…….which is why the color used in these quilts doesn’t “run” when washed.

“Thine Design” ……..a firm in NYC was chosen to design this exhibition.

“Thine Design” has tossed them about……..into the air………….all 650 quilts.  ……..the effect is lyrical.

“Little Miss Sunbonnet” [upper left hand corner] was used by the Ullman Company 100 years ago…..as their logo.

The floating effect of the quilts………..is very effective.  A sense of wonder has been created.

This “airplane motif”….ia an applique……cut out and stiched on.

These bed covers cover three centuries…….but most are from the 19th century.

Lady is red…………with the “Maple Leaf” pattern.

>>>>>>quilted for her lover perhaps????????

The largest number of  quilts in this show are geometric patterns.

The top layer of a quilt is called a “sandwich”………..a batting is added……..and then the backing layer is stitched on.

We met a charming lady [ Susan] who took the train up from Washington………..just to see this show.

Hundreds of “geometric pieced patterns” sprang forth from the quilters imaginations.

The blizzard of Red and White almost had a dizzying effect.

“Charity Quilts” were favorite ways to raise funds.  For just a few pennies ………..your name was sewn into the quilt…….which was then auctioned off.

Reminds me of my grandmother [LaVicie Jones]…..hanging her quilts out in the morning sun to “air-out”.  In the evening we would lug them back into the house and spread them on the bed.

This was one of my favorites in the show.  Too bad it’s not for sale.

Clever repeating pattern using “Hearts”.

Swirling bed-covers…..many patterns using the German technique known as “Scherenschnitte”.

Lilies embroidered onto the Applique.

Lovinlg stitched……. perhaps for a child’s room.  Today it would be a Sesame Street character.

Ya gotta LOVE this one.

By the end of the 19th century, red and white quilts were the favorite of quilting bees.

Two “would be” quilters……..Red faces…..White hair.

6 responses to “650 RED and WHITE QUILTS

  1. Thanks for taking us to the quilt exhibit! We enjoyed seeing your photos as usual..we miss NY and all there is to do and see.


  2. I had no idea red and white quilts were so popular. Thanks for sharing your great photos!



  3. Susan Schreurs

    What a great day!!! So much fun to make the trip, immerse oneself in a fabulous exhibit, and make a new New York friend or two, as well! Best, Susan


  4. Absolutely astounding! Thanks for sharing it .


  5. These are stunning … thanks for sharing with us Thomas!


  6. Glad you were able to go see it in person.
    were any of them for sale?


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