All of the trees in the park are already in full leaf.

If you watch the REGIS & KELLY show in the mornings……..

you can see our terrace!  It is the backdrop in one of their windows.  Tee Hee!

South view of the city…..from the side terrace

Cute workmen replacing the red tiles on the front terrace.

The birdbath……rusted out…….but home to a spider

Sweet Pea [the cherub]…..and his pal…….Mr. Froggie……oversee the garden

The miniature garden survived the winter too

The lilies are all bloomed out

The petunias are wafting………….sweet smell of the South..remind me of

my childhood summers in the North Mountains of Georgia.

Miss Liberty……..a garden gift from my niece, Dawn

The Wisteria bloomed early

The hostas are flourishing

Waiting for the first Tea Party

The Red Maple Leaf is in full leaf already

Watching the birds from the bedroom window………a great way to greet the day

The lilacs…the scent…..

Mockus Aurelias comes for his grapes three times a day.

And a Morning dove has started to appear each morning……cooing so sweetly


  1. Mockus Aurelias, that’s priceless….and so are these flowers! Gorgeous so early!

  2. gareth griffiths

    The terrace looks fab! you are sooo lucky to have such a luscious planting. G

  3. The place looks great! Glad to see the other terrace is being fixed.
    I’m ready for a tea party, I bring the crumpets!


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